The features of Zeitoon

Being non-governmental

Zeitoon institute is a non-governmental organization and its activities are done and supported by the ones who love Sayyid al-Shuhada all over the world. Not being dependent on different groups and moves is only possible through relying on people’s financial and spiritual help.


In our opinion, independence means not to be affected by external forces’ demands while making strategic decisions. Based on this opinion, obeying the countries’ laws, accepting governmental and non-governmental support, communicating and cooperating with people and different organizations are not contrary to independence.

Being up-to-date

Knowing the contemporary world and using up-to-date methods and tools to keep and expand the cultural and religious heritage are among the necessities in any era. Using management skills, social sciences and humanities as well as up-to-date technology make us noticeable among our rivals.

Focus on Imam Hussain’s subject

Being diverse in the type and audience, the activities of Zeitoon institute are focused on a specific main subject. Any project in this institute is helping the achievement of its goal whether directly or indirectly.