Why Imam Hussain?

During these times of despair, he is the only one who helps and comforts us regardless of our race or nationality. He is still our guide and companion m, even though he was left alone in his time of need and no one answered to his call for assistance. We accompany Hussain ibn Ali’s followers through his bright and secure path so that we’d be the ones to answer his call, saying “Is there anybody who will help us”.

Zeitoon Features


Zeitoon institution is an NGO that operates independently of any government with the sole purpose of serving Imam Hussain by introducing him at a global level. Through reinforcing civil society, NGO activities promote an increase in people’s awareness. Having said so, by doing NGO activities Zeitoon institution aims on increasing society’s awareness and knowledge about Imam Hussain.


Zeitoon acts independently from policy, actions and support of any governmental and non-governmental institution and operates autonomously with financial and spiritual support of individuals. Working independently at any strategic or operational level, not only turns Zeitoon into a self- reliant institution, but also provides it with an opportunity to interact clearly and openly with any governmental and non-governmental institutions.

Up to date

Keeping up with the daily updates in todays’ world is a necessity at the modern age and Zeitoon has also defined its programs according to these changes. Using up to date information and technology distinguishes Zeitoon from other institutions.

Focusing on Imam Hussain and related subjects

Focusing on a central and fundamental topic in a cultural and religious ground gives purpose and a unique approach to an institution’s activities. Having this central approach, Zeitoon institution operates purposefully and orientationally about Imam Hussain.

Zeitoon Activities