Hussain's Heritage serves Humanity

We believe that Hussain’s heritage can be a path for the humanity and the effort to preserve it will be a proper solution to the social challenges we are facing in modern life. Considering this view, acquiring a thorough knowledge of Hussain’s legacy and helping the world know this valuable asset is our top priority in Zeitoon.

The features of Zeitoon

Being non-governmental

Zeitoon is a non-profit entity which bases its activities on people’s financial and spiritual help which makes it independent from different groups and organizations. The activities in this institute are run by the ones who love and admire Hussain ibn Ali all over the world.


One of the top priorities of Zeitoon is to stay independent which means not to be affected by different moves and organizations while making strategic decisions. This idea does not contradict the fact that Zeitoon welcomes communication, cooperation and support of the other entities including governmental and non-governmental organizations and people.

Being up-to-date

What helps us stand out from our rivals is sticking to up-to-date methods and tools. The traits of this feature, which helps us maintain and expand the cultural and religious heritage, can be seen in how we apply management skills and our view towards humanities and social sciences.

Emphasis on Hussain’s Heritage

Sticking to Hussain’s heritage and benefiting from it, is the principal purpose and path in Zeitoon. This is the major reason why the expansion of Hussain’s heritage has become the main theme in all activities in Zeitoon.

Zeitoon Projects

Special Library of Imam Hussain

The Special Library of Imam Hussain has been trying to create a thorough collection of resources to serve the needs of the Shia community.



The website of Karbobala provides the audience with different content focused on the third Shia Imam, Hussain ibn Ali.



ShiaTent is a Shia directory that aims at creating a network of Shias to keep them connected.


Zeitoon Academy

There is a wide variety of courses in different areas such as education, management, media, art and research.



WikiHussain is an encyclopedia that focuses on the life of Hussain ibn Ali as well as his move and the events of Karbala.


Cultural Donation

Cultural Donations is a project that aims at improving the cultural situation of the communities.


Ziarat Fund

Ziarat Fund is a project that aims at facilitating pilgrimage to Karbala.


This time, when he comes, he will not be alone

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