Due to the changes in the surrounding world, the Shias now need a platform in which they can study the culture of the Ahl al-Bayt in line with the world. The unique characteristics of Imam Hussain and the issues related to him provide the basis for achieving this goal.

Karbobala.com website deals exclusively with issues related to the third Imam of the Shias, Hussain Ibn Ali, and working in this field is one of the main goals of Zeitoon. Considering this issue, it can be said that the audience of this website are right-minded, thoughtful people who accept the truth without prejudice.

General policy and ethics

Presenting specialized articles, daily news updates, publishing epistemological lectures as well as poems related to Ashura and its rituals are addressed in the Persian section of this site. While due to the existing limitations, only some parts of these activities are covered in the English section.

In order to carry out all the above activities, Karbobala has committed itself to some principles, the most important of which are as follows:

Independence: Karbobala is not dependent on any movement, party, institution, and governmental or non-governmental organization or person; as a result it only steps in the defined direction of its policy and goals.

Accuracy and precision: karbobala makes every effort to cite content correctly and to use reliable sources for content production as much as possible. Karbobala colleagues are bound to cite the original source when republishing the content.

Exclusive content: All content published in the "Imam Hussain specialized site" is directly (or indirectly) dedicated to the subject of Imam Hussain to serve the general goals of the site.

Content-oriented: Karbobala has a completely content-oriented approach to publishing content.

Neutrality: One of the missions of " Karbobala " is informing the audience about the subjects related to Imam Hussain. To this aim, it will impartially publish the news as well as interviews with experts to cover different points of view. As a result, people's opinions are not necessarily confirmed by the site.

Accountability: Karbobala is accountable for its published content with a sense of responsibility and commitment to its audiences.

Introducing the sections of Imam Hussain specialized site

In order to achieve its goals, Karbobala has created various sections on the site, which deliver useful services. They will be introduced in the following. The services in the Persian section of the website include: Thought, History and Literature, each of which includes sections of interviews, specialized News, notes, articles, video reports and files.

These services are limited to images, News and useful links in the English section.

News: In this section, all news focusing on the subject of Imam Hussain (P.B.U.H) are published on a daily basis. Content such as reports on the reconstruction of the holy shrines, announcements of registration for the pilgrimage to Karbala, presentation of occasional religious programs, reports, thorough coverage of news on local news sites, etc. are among the items that are published in the news section. Exclusive and specialized interviews focusing on Sayyid al-Shuhada is also one of the prominent features of the news section.

Thought: The main purpose of this section is to improve the level of information of the audience and to meet the intellectual needs of the audience. In order to achieve this goal, this section deals with the subjects centered on the Sayyid al-Shuhada, from a doctrinal, jurisprudential, philosophical, theological and mystical perspective.

History: This section intends to express the history of Imam Hussain in the form of articles, images and geography. The most important missions of the history department are: stating Imam Hussain’s history clearly using first-hand sources, analyzing the history, answering historical questions, studying the important characters of the history, expressing the geography of history, examining photos and historical documents.

Literature: The character of Imam Hussain and Ashura event have had a profound effect on Persian literature. Poets have written many poems about these issues over the centuries; as a result Ashura poems can be considered as an independent genre in Persian literature..Most Persian-speaking poets, even if their works are not mainly ritual, have at least one poem praising Hussain Ibn Ali. These poets are deeply different in terms of way of thought and religious beliefs, and their interpretations of the Ashura event are also different. But they have one thing in common and that is love and respect for Imam Hussain (P.B.U.H). We try to collect appropriate Ashura poems and make them available to the audience. The criterion for selecting poems is their content and literary quality. Introducing research books on Ashura and also introducing Ashura poets are the other activities of this section that will be useful for researchers and book lovers.

Articles: In this section, we have tried to improve the information level of the audiences about issues related to Hussain Ibn Ali by presenting academic and specialized articles. Historical, analytical and documented articles are among the items that are available to the audience in this section. Writing articles, summarizing and rewriting books, collecting and selecting articles, republishing written articles, etc. are some of the activities that are dealt with in the articles section.

Gallery: The gallery section is divided into two general sections, graphic images and photos. The images produced by the “Karbobala “graphic group are designed in a modern format to set a new atmosphere in the area of the religious graphic design of the country.

Other high-quality photos of the albums including images of religious places, ceremonies centered on the subject of Hussain Ibn Ali have been prepared for the public to use.