Zeitoon Academy

A fundamental question arose in our minds, which was the main reason why Zeitoon Academy was formed;

Why is there no place to meet the cultural and social needs of the elite and educated Persian-speaking Muslims?"

Following this question, we decided to provide conditions to meet these needs.

Therefore, Zeitoon Academy started its activities with the aim and approach of building multidimensional circles of healthy and progressive Muslim interactions by providing efficient education in accordance with the needs of the community in a suitable context. Our main educational services are in 5 areas: psychology, art and literature, media, research and management. We also decided that Zeitoon should not be just a place for training courses. And that people can develop the best and most effective ideas and values while learning different skills through friendly communities, conversation and communication. Therefore we set the policies below:

Suggested policies for learners

• Creating groups of friends with similar interests in a safe and healthy environment

• Interacting and benefiting from the teachings of famous and experienced professors

• Creating competitive prices and installment payment terms

• Access to high-quality equipment

• Valid educational certificate

• Creating a place to offer artistic and cultural products produced by students

Suggested policies for professors/instructors

• Providing the professors with enough flexibility to form curriculum with their own professional attitude

• Targeted recruitment of talented students to continue their professional activities under the supervision of professors

• Professional approach and attitude to the formulated curriculum

• Financial and job security

• A place to offer artistic and cultural products produced by professors

As a result of what has been said, the vision and future plans of the Zeitoon Academy are to become a haven for progressive Muslims. This includes a set of services that begins with practical training for the ends with socio-cultural gatherings. In this perspective, our Academy will reach a stage that can provide a complete journey for the audience. Practical training, suitable conditions to make the learners’ achievements practical, presenting the achievements of professors, creating healthy friendly gatherings, creating common values, preparing family counseling and childcare along with a suitable environment, providing recreational services such as cafes, libraries, etc. are among the features that we will share with our companions on this trip.